“You Look Fine, Let’s Just Go!”


Some women have husbands who shower them with compliments and swoon with sweet adoration when their lovely wives walk into the room. Some women have spouses who tell them their beauty is unsurpassed. The best I can ever get out of my husband is “You look fine.” and that’s when he hasn’t even bothered to look up from his iPhone.

If we’re going out and he’s decided I’m taking too long, or I tell him I’ve got to change my clothes or brush my hair, I get the good ole standby of “You look fine, let’s just GO!” If I rolled in a hog pen, electrified my hair, and had a festering poison ivy rash all over my face I’m sure I’d receive the same input.

Not that I’m complaining, but it would be nice–once in a great while–to hear him randomly gush that I have such an adorable, angelic appearance that he just can’t see straight. Okay, maybe that would be pushing it.

Basically the only other rare compliment I get from him is the kiss of death, otherwise known as, “You look good today!” spoken with stark emphasis on the word “today,” as if it’s an extraordinary event. His face wears an expression of great astonishment when he says it and he delivers it in the same manner in which someone might proclaim, “I saw a flying saucer today!”

If I call him on the subject, he snickers and finds it all quite amusing. It’s be great if he said “You look beautiful” and not just in a Christmas-is-coming-and-I-want-something-really-good-so-I’m-going-to-butter-you-up kind of a way, but in an all out proclamation. A proclamation said with so much adoration that hearts were dancing in his eyes. But of course, if that ever happened I’d firmly believe an alien had emerged from the above aforementioned spaceship and took my husband’s place–which actually might not be such a bad thing. 😉