Someone Will Be There Between Noon and Five

1011457_3159300237704_984304084_n.jpgAs if it isn’t fun enough when a major appliance breaks down, there’s also the added joy of waiting around for the repairman to show up. Since most of us actually do have lives—contrary to what repair companies think—we’ve got to take time out of our busy schedules to hang around the house in hurry up and wait mode,  anticipating their arrival which may or may not even happen.

When you call to make the appointment, a friendly customer service representative will inform you someone will be there three weeks from next Tuesday. You then proceed to impress upon them the fact that you can’t wait that long–your oven’s a vital part of your daily existence. You tell them, in no uncertain terms, they need to get out a guy out there a heck of a lot sooner than that and you won’t stand for such incompetence. This of course get you nowhere, and furthermore the customer service rep becomes snotty and tells you you’re lucky to get an appointment that soon.

This is where the fun begins. They’ll next reveal to you that someone will call you the night before and give you a “time frame.” So in other words, whatever you have scheduled for that day, unschedule it.

Fast forward to the night before the appointment is supposed to take place. You get a call from a computer generated device, telling you the guy will show up sometime between noon and five and you’d better be there. Click.

So noon the next day arrives. You sit there, hoping beyond all hope he’ll actually come close to noon and you can get on with your life. As if. One o’clock goes by, then two o’clock; three o’clock makes an appearance. Four o’clock taunts you and still no guy. The clock strikes five and you’re certain he’ll be there any minute now.

At 5:20 you call the service number and they don’t answer. You call several times afterward and still no one picks up. At 6:00, someone calls to inform you the guy got backed up and you’ll need to reschedule. By this point, you’re ready to snap and you ask why they couldn’t possibly have called you sooner. They’ll ignore you and tell you to call back the next day, since the people that do the scheduling aren’t in until after ten in the morning.

You call them back the next morning. Interestingly enough, you recognize the voice on the other end as being the person who told you to call back today. That person pencils you in for next Friday, assuring you someone will call the night before to give you another “time frame.”


2 thoughts on “Someone Will Be There Between Noon and Five

  1. Bonnie, another great post. I am usually a very calm Zen person. Well, that is when I’m not freaking out having panic attacks. I know exactly what you mean about trades people and doctors can be just the same. Most of us, have to be organised and on time in business but there are some occupations where basic courtesy doesn’t apply. Now, with doctors I appreciate that here are urgent cases and I don’t mind waiting. I usually take a book, my writing notebook and am prepared to camp out.
    With trades people coming to your home and have such broad time frames, you just know you’re going to be on the loo or out the back when they finally knock on your door.I have the added thing of needing to remove my overly protective Border Collie from the scene.
    After all of that, I’m starting to feel they should be paying me by the hour instead!
    xx Rowena

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