Politics and Little Green Men


If you were to encounter a little green man, why on earth would you  assume he was an alien from another planet? For all you know he could be Oompa Loompa who accidentally fell into a vat of lime Jell-O; I’m sure that’s a definite job hazard in the candy and dessert industry.  Or he could be a stature challenged individual whose Tan in a Can went bad. You really never know. Mistaken identity happens.

Think about it, even politicians can fall prey to appearing to be something they are not. Some of them might actually give off the allusion of caring about what happens to this country as opposed to their own personal triumph. Proof positive what you see isn’t always what you get.

So the next time you see a green man getting out of what appears to be a ship from outer space, don’t jump to conclusions. It may very well be just a pretentious politician who’s tanning strategies didn’t quite work out for him, who also owns a nifty, new space-aged jet that only the ultra rich and famous can afford.



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